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: 2015-07-01 : 2015-07-30
Owner: Kowalski Jan Details
: Design, Developmnent and testing of Internet Web shop software

Users will be able to browse products in catalog.
Users will be able to sort product catalog by product name and price.
Users will be able to filter products by name, category and price range.
There will be thumbnail, short description and price at every item.
Users will be able to open details page after click on link or thumbnail.
Users will be able to add products to shopping cart and generate orders.

e-Shop project website

There will be three modules: Shop, Management and Administration.
Shop will be used for browsing products, adding to shopping cart, and generating orders.
Management will me used for defining products, manufacturers and categories.
Administration for managing users, roles, rights.

Portal will be developed as web application with using such technologies from "Microsoft" like
ASP, MVC, C#, Entity Framework, SQL Server.

This is not real project.
This is only test project for demo purpose.

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